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Protein Smoothies Offer a Range of Benefits

Protein Smoothies Offer a Range of Benefits

You know protein is important for your workout, but do you know why? Getting in some protein before you hit the gym helps you minimize any muscle damage that might be caused by exercise. It also supplies amino acids to help rebuild your muscle tissue, which is why a post-workout protein snack is so important.

A quick and easy way to get the protein you need to fuel your workouts is by adding protein shakes to your diet. These shakes can enhance your exercise routine and help you meet your dieting goals.Here are just a few of the benefits of drinking protein shakes.

Lose Weight

One of the most difficult parts of dieting is portion control, but protein shakes make this easier than ever. Because protein powders have controlled portions, you won't need to worry about how much fat, calories and carbs your meal has. 

Protein shakes make an excellent choice for meal replacement if you're trying to control the amount of fat and calories you're taking in each day.

Build Muscle

As noted earlier, protein is essential to helping you build muscle. Exercising puts a lot of strain on your muscle tissue, which can tear even if you're not doing resistance training. 

Drinking protein shakes after you workout will give your body the protein it needs to repair your muscle tissue. Plus, when you drink a protein shake, the protein enters your bloodstream much quicker than if you ate solid foods. On average, protein shakes only take about 30 minutes to reach your muscles after ingesting them. 

At All About Health, we have created an extensive line of protein smoothies that are carefully designed to meet your needs. Our smoothies are made with fresh fruit, have a low sugar content, and pack 20 grams of protein in a small size!

A Convenient Solution

If you're trying to up your protein intake through solid food, it can take a lot of preparation. You will need to have your meals prepped in advance if you want to get your protein in at the optimal time (right before, and right after your workout). 

Part of the appeal of protein shakes is their convenience. If you're short on time, all you need for a protein shake is some protein powder and water, perhaps a few more ingredients if you want to kick things up a notch. 

Try Our Custom Smoothies

At All About Health, we have created an extensive line of custom smoothies that are carefully designed to meet the needs and tastes of every individual. The line includes all natural, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients upon request.

With an eye toward complete nutrition combined with a great taste, our protein smoothies are only made with fresh fruit and have a low sugar content.

You are sure to enjoy our made-to-order smoothies, which pack 20 grams of protein in a small size smoothie. We also use select ingredients such as pre-workout nutrients, creatine, glutamine, vitamins, and much more to fit the needs of each individual. To quote our customers, "These nutrition-packed fruit smoothies are beyond awesome!"   

We're All About Health

We take a tremendous amount of pride in our highly trained staff and their dedicated customer-centric approach. Whether your ultimate goal is to help increase your child's performance in their favorite school sports activity, or improve overall nutrition and fitness for the whole family, our friendly staff is here to help.

At our nutrition store, the staff is more than willing to share information and suggestions based on your individual needs and goals. They will also help you find tasty and healthy products and nutritional supplements designed to support your objectives. 

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