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Feel Great Fast With This Summer Diet Cleanse

Feel Great Fast With This Summer Diet Cleanse

Summer is here, but you still have enough time to cleanse your body before the hottest weather hits. Do your body and your confidence an enormous favor by following the summer cleanse described below. It will help you slim down for the hottest weather and still allow you to eat some of the season's best foods. 

One of the best ways to cleanse your body is to remove as much processed food, dairy, sugar and flour from your diet as possible. These ingredients should be replaced with foods that naturally reduce bloat and detox your body. Stick to this meal plan for five consecutive days and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel. Be sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day!

Day 1: Flush Your System 

Day one starts with a flushing of the digestive system courtesy of probiotics and magnesium. Probiotics are ideal as they catalyze the growth of healthy bacteria that helps with digestion. Magnesium is used to settle your stomach and flush out your system. 

Stick to smoothies and juices for the day. Eventually, you will incorporate some spinach, avocado, almonds, asparagus and banana into the diet. However, for day one, you'll stick to liquids. 

Begin your morning with a tall glass of water with a lemon wedge. For breakfast, create a combination of green apple juice with other green juices such as fennel, kale, parsley and asparagus. Lunch should consist of a smoothie with coconut milk, ice, almond butter, two dates and kale. 

Allow yourself a snack of almonds or other mixed nuts. Cap off the day with a smoothie containing a banana, spinach, almond milk and sunflower seeds.

On Day 1 of your cleanse, prepare a green juice for breakfast. A combination of green apple juice with other green juices such as fennel, kale, parsley and asparagus works great.

Days 2-4: Decrease Inflammation

Focus on reducing inflammation by consuming foods that are rich in sulfur from days two through four. Sulfur helps the body detoxify by decreasing the inflammation that doctors believe leads to weight gain. 

Stick to a morning juice along with two small meals for these days. Examples of foods containing sulfur include zucchini, onions, lentils, asparagus, grilled tuna, almonds, avocado, hummus, cucumbers, smoked salmon and carrots.

Day 5: Boost Your Metabolism 

The fifth (and last!) day of the cleanse features small meals that will promote digestion and calorie burn throughout the day. Small meals should have 6 ounces or less of protein and a single cup (or less) of fiber. 

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Start out the day with water and drink green juice for breakfast. Your first mini meal should consist of an apple with peanut butter. Your second meal should be something similarly small, such as a couple of eggs. The last two small meals for the day could be something like grilled shrimp with vegetables or an entree of steamed artichoke. Use these healthy mini meals as a means of transitioning toward a healthier way of living and eating.

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