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BlenderBottles® Make Hydration a Snap

BlenderBottles® Make Hydration a Snap

Are you looking for a better way to store, carry, mix and drink your protein shake, energy drink, water or anything else? Think about trying out the BlenderBottle®, an affordable bottle that can mix your shakes for you on the go!

Speed and Ease of Use

A BlenderBottle® is designed to be quick and simple: You can tell how it works just by looking at it! No one has the time or space to carry around protein powder and a spoon for mixing, especially when they are on the go. These bottles include a whisk-like stirring ball and safety catch so you can mix up the protein powder no matter where you are. Heading to the gym? Add protein powder to your BlenderBottle® ahead of time and then add water and shake after your workout. Your protein shake is ready in a flash and it's probably less expensive than those shakes you would buy at the gym. Out for a hike? Don't worry about your protein or energy mix getting sludgy. Just give the bottle a shake and you are good to go.

No Spills

The safety catch is simple and designed to make sure that the BlenderBottle® stays closed when you need it but can quickly pop open when you are ready to take a drink. This way, you don't have to worry about leaks all over your gym bag, backpack or car. The handy top is also ideal for hooking or looping the bottle on your pack, bike or clothes if necessary.

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Great for Hydration, Energy or Muscle Growth

How do you want to use this blending bottle? Interested in simply carrying water around in a reliable way? Then take out the whisk ball and pack it with water for that run, hike or camping trip. Do you want more energy? Toss in a protein powder or energy powder for your marathon or treadmill session. If you are primarily interested in muscle growth, load up the bottle with creatine powder instead. The BlenderBottle® has many uses for all types of blended drinks — you can even make your own protein shake recipes. 

Lots of Colors and Sizes

Don't worry about picking out a color or size when it comes to BlenderBottles®. They come in a variety of different sizes and several bright colors. If you want to rep your favorite sports team, we also offer BlenderBottles® in team colors and logos for a variety of exciting sports. 

No Worries About Chemicals

The BlenderBottles® are made from high-quality materials that are both BPA and Phthalate free, so you don't need to worry about anything contaminating your healthy sports drink.

Affordable for Every Lifestyle

You can get a BlenderBottle® for $10 or even less, depending on the current deals we offer. That's affordable enough for even the most budget-conscious exercise enthusiast to add to their workout list.

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