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Try an OhYeah! Protein Smoothies from All About Health

Try an OhYeah! Protein Smoothies from All About Health

Are you looking for ways to gain muscle more efficiently or lose weight with a targeted diet? Stop by All About Health and try out OhYeah! protein smoothie. Here are just a few of the reasons it's the whey protein you've been looking for!

Guaranteeing Muscle Growth

You may already know a little bit about protein, but here is why it's so important to a healthy diet and a life of exercise: Proteins are basically biological molecules. They come in all different varieties with many different purposes. Your body can't control external proteins, but when you eat them, it can break them apart to use them as building blocks. Those building blocks often go to cell repair and duplication, which can result in — you guessed it — muscle growth. For your muscles to repair properly, they need access to healthy amounts of protein, which can be found in whey and other protein powder options.

Certified for Maximum Results

Our OhYeah! protein mix has both the NSF Mark® and Certified for Sport® certification to ensure your health. Both these programs are designed to provide some regulation in the often uncertain world of sports supplements, where it can be difficult to know what you are getting and just how healthy it is for your body. With OhYeah! whey powder, you know that what you are putting in your body meets strict regulations when it comes to diet and banned substances.

Concentrate and Isolate

The OhYeah! protein is a mix of concentrate and isolate. What does that mean? These are two different types of whey materials that are used for protein powders. Isolate can be easier to make and digest, but concentrate can have healthier components due to how it's harvested. OhYeah! decided to offer the benefits of both by combining the two different kinds in one powder.

OhYeah! protein powder has low levels of lactose and fat. This means you get all the protein that you need without adding any unnecessary calories!

Low Lactose and Fat

Another advantage that comes with distilled whey protein is that it the powder has very low levels of lactose and fat — substances that are typically left in cheese or strained away. The OhYeah! powder has particularly low levels. This means you get all the protein that you need without adding any unnecessary calories, ideal for those looking to lose weight or gain muscle without gaining fat as well. Healthy fats are, of course, an important part of a good diet and recovery plan, but many people don't want them in their protein powder.

The Same Flavors as OhYeah! Bars

You may have already tried the OhYeah! bars, which come in a variety of flavors. If you liked what you tasted, don't worry about trying the protein powder as well. The powder is made using many of the same techniques and ingredients as the bars, to help ensure that the taste is as close as possible. 

Versatile Uses

Protein powder is easy to mix and use for a variety of different purposes. For the greatest recovery, drink a protein shake around half an hour after your workout. For longer workouts, try using protein powder before the workout so your muscles start repairing as soon as they can. Of course, you can also use the powder throughout the day to maximize protein levels. The body tends to discard most of the protein it can't use, so it's very difficult to gain weight even if you use too much protein. 

Today at All About Health, sports teams can receive 10 percent off products like OhYeah! protein powder and personal trainers can receive 20 percent off. Stop by to enjoy a delicious protein-packed fruit smoothie while you shop!

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